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Agricultural Water Management

Senate Bill X7-7, Water Conservation Act of 2009

SB X7-7 required agricultural water suppliers with greater than 25,000 irrigated acres to adopt and submit AWMPs with specific content to DWR and to implement EWMPs including the measurement and volumetric pricing of water deliveries by December 31, 2012. SB X7-7 also permits water management plans that are part of a regional plan to be submitted, providing that those plans meet the requirements of SB X7-7. Agricultural water suppliers that provide water from 10,000 up to 25,000 irrigated acres, excluding recycled water, are not required to prepare and submit plans unless state funds are available to support the planning efforts

An Agricultural Water Management Plan Guidebook was prepared by DWR to assist agricultural water suppliers in preparing their plans. A copy of the Guidebook can be downloaded below: