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AB 1420 Compliance Forms:

Agriculture Water Management Plan Review Process:


DWR Home Page:

Integrated Regional Water Management Grant Programs:

Metering Compliance Form:

Water Use Efficiency:

Urban Water Management Plan Review Process:

Air Resources Board

Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds Quantification Materials:

Funding Guidelines for the California Climate Investments:


SB 535 Disadvantaged Communities Map - Cal EnviroScreen 2.0:

Additional Information Regarding Designation and Mapping of Disadvantaged Communities Under SB 535 (scroll down for CalEnviroScreen 2.0):

CalEnviroScreen 2.0 (General):


CEQA Statute and Guidelines including greenhouse gas emissions guidance:

State Clearinghouse Handbook:

Department of Industrial Relations

Labor Compliance:



Surface water diversion:

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CA Energy Commission:

California Public Utilities Commission Studies 1, 2, and 3:

Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Program:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Program: