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Well Info for Project RD 1004 Drought Water Bank - 2009

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Project:  RD 1004 Drought Water Bank - 2009
Description: Drought Water Bank 2009
Select Well Number Min Date Max Date Msmt
16N01E31H001M 12/08/1932 10/20/2011 137
16N01W04L001M 06/23/2009 10/12/2011 10
16N01W20F001M 12/17/1929 10/12/2011 211
17N01E06D001M 08/08/2003 10/14/2011 30
18N01W22L001M 03/11/1953 10/11/2011 187
18N01W32L002M 02/20/1975 10/13/2011 111