Water education and outreach branch

Water Education & Outreach Branch

The Water Education and Outreach Branch works to educate the public about a multitude of California water issues through special events and other outreach activities. Free water education and water safety materials are available for schools and other members of the public and can be ordered from our website or found at DWR displays and exhibits throughout the state.

Water Education Program
The Water Education Program assists California’s formal and informal educators by supporting professional development for K-12 educators, providing free materials such as worksheets, posters, and workbooks, and attending educational events throughout the state.

Water Safety Program
With more than 20 lakes and reservoirs open to recreation, the Water Safety Program raises awareness of how you and your family can stay water safe. The program is also designed to help minimize the number of accidents and drownings along the State Water Project. A variety of free water safety materials are available for order by educators and others interested in promoting water safety.

Special Events
The Water Education and Outreach Branch conducts special events throughout the year at DWR’s visitor centers and other off-site locations.