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Water Shortage Rate Structure Webinar

The recording of the Water Shortage Rate Structure Webinar is now posted and available for viewing on the DWR Calendar. You will find the link for the recording at the bottom of the “Materials” section. Click the following link:

The presentation topics are:

“Developing Drought Rates for Water Conservation and Revenue Stability”
Thomas Gould, Business Leader for Finance and Rates, HDR Engineering

“Legal Issues and Obstacles When Considering Drought Penalties or Drought Water Pricing”
Daniel Hentschke, General Counsel, San Diego County Water Authority

“Water Agencies’ Experiences Developing and Implementing Water Shortage Rate Structures”
Lisa Brown, City of Roseville, Water Efficiency Administrator

Carol Margetich, City of Roseville, Business Services Administrator
Bill Ferguson, City of Santa Barbara, Project Manager, Water Resources Division

Also on This Webpage are Suggested Reading Materials on This Topic:

  • Urban Drought Guidebook DWR 2008
  • Proposition 218 ACWA 2207
  • AWWA Mi Manual Link
  • Proposition 218 for Special Districts CSDA 2013
  • Proposition 218 and 26 Implementation Guides, League of CA Cities

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