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The Suisun Marsh - Modeling Activities

The Suisun Marsh Planning Section of the Suisun Marsh Branch uses numerical models of the Bay-Delta system as a primary planning tool. Models are effective for asking "what-if" questions related to impacts on Bay-Delta hydrodynamics and salinity. What-if questions often explore the impact of:


The Suisun Marsh Planning Section primarily uses two one-dimensional models of the Bay-Delta, DWRDSM2 and DWRDSM1, and a two dimensional model, RMA 2/11.


Models have been applied to issues related to the Suisun Marsh on a wide range of time-scales including:

  • 73-year planning studies based on monthly average hydrology supplied by DWRSIM for SWRCB water quality control plan analysis.
  • Three-year historical simulations for calibration and verification of models.
  • One-year historical simulations for analysis of levee breaches in the Suisun Marsh and Delta.
  • Multiple week historical simulations for analysis of tidal currents and salinity related to Suisun Marsh Salinity Control Gate operations.
  • Real-time forecasting of currents, water levels, and salinity based on projected SWP and CVP hydrology
  • Estimation of water project impacts on T&E fishes in the Bay-Delta system using the PTM.


The Suisun Marsh Planning Section will increasingly turn its attention to modeling currents, water levels, and salinity interactions in managed and restored tidal marshes. The complex geometry of wetlands and the hydrodynamics sensitivity to vegetative and hydraulic features will require more advanced modeling tools. The Section will maintain and update the 1D models for traditional planning applications. The Section will also incorporate a new higher dimensional model over the coming year to handle restoration and levee breach issues.