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2002 NODOS Scoping Report
Sites Reservoir Area
In 2002, DWR and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation released the North-of-the-Delta Offstream Storage Scoping Report.


Scoping Report

  • Entire Report (pdf 20.5 MB)
  • Table of Contents and Summary (pdf 844 KB)
  • Appendix A (pdf 89 KB) Notice of Intent
  • Appendix B (pdf 179 KB)  Notice of Preparation
  • Appendix C (pdf 121 KB)  Meeting Announcement Mailed to Land Owners
  • Appendix D (pdf 957 KB)  Sample of Newspaper Ads for Public Meetings
  • Appendix E (pdf 4,400 KB)  Scoping Meeting Presentation
  • Appendix F (pdf 148 KB)  Transcript of Public Scoping Meeting Sacramento, CA - Jan. 8, 2002
  • Appendix G (pdf 292 KB)  Transcript of Public Scoping Meeting Maxwell, CA - Jan. 9, 2002
  • Appendix H (pdf 126 KB)  Transcript of Public Scoping Meeting Fresno, CA - Jan. 15, 2002
  • Appendix I (pdf 138 KB)  Transcript of Public Scoping Meeting Williams, CA - Jan. 23, 2002
  • Appendix J (pdf 115 KB)  Outline of Draft EIR/EIS
  • Appendix K (pdf 13.3 MB)  Comment Letters Received During Scoping Process

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