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Surface Storage Investigations

Development of Common Model Package
Common Assumptions is developing a Common Model Package (CMP) to provide tools and analyses to help define existing and future conditions (reasonably foreseeable) and magnitudes of change. Results of the CMP will be used to establish a basis for comparison of potential project effects between with- and without-project conditions.


CMP Goals

  • All Surface Storage Investigations to use the existing (CEQA) and future (NEPA) conditions for the feasibility studies and EIR/EIS
  • Provide cumulative, incremental, and sensitivity analysis capabilities for all Surface Storage Investigations
  • Incorporate other CALFED water management actions (urban conservation, agricultural water use efficiency, recycling, desalination, groundwater storage for conjunctive management, temporary short-term and long-term transfers) in the analyses

CMP Components

  • Inputs
  • Models
  • Protocols
  • Reporting Metrics

CMP Component Models

  • Statewide water resource system (CalSim II)
  • Economics (LCPSIM, CVPM)
  • Delta flow and salinity (DSM2)
  • Sacramento River (Keswick to Red Bluff)
    • Temperature (SRWQM)
    • Salmon production (SalMod)
  • Power generation and use
    • CVP (LTGen)
    • SWP (SWP_Power)