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Chief of the Office of Workforce Equality

Stephanie Varrelman

Stephanie N. Varrelman, Chief of the Office of Workforce Equality

Stephanie N. Varrelman was appointed as Chief of the Office of Workforce Equality on May 31, 2012. Her primary responsibilities include managing DWR's equal employment opportunity programs, investigating complaints of discrimination, conducting prevention of sexual harassment, disability, and diversity training of all DWR employees, and overseeing workforce analysis and DWR's mentor program.

Prior to assuming her current role, Stephanie served as the Executive Advisor to the Deputy Director of Business Operations beginning in 2008 and was involved in a wide array of Departmental initiatives, including the DWR Safety Project and Enterprise Budget Planning Project. Previously, Stephanie served as an Administrative Officer for the Departmental Services Office and an analyst responsible for drafting enterprise policies and procedures in the Management Analysis Office. Stephanie also served on the Change Management Team for the Next Wave SAP Migration Project.

Stephanie received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of California, Davis, and a Master of Arts degree in History from California State University, Sacramento.

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