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Kristopher Jones
Kristopher Jones
Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
(916) 376-9756

BSc Biology (Minor: Chemistry), California State University,
Sacramento (2002)
PhD Zoology, University of Oxford (2009)

Research Interests:

Estuarine ecology; water quality; anadromous and native fish migration; food web dynamics; statistical and mixed modeling techniques.

Reports and Publications:

Conrad, L., P. Goertler, K. Jones, J. Kirsch, T. Sommer (2015). Chinook Salmon Tidal Wetland Conceptual Model. IEP Technical Report.

Baxter, R., L.R. Brown, G. Castillo, L. Conrad, P. Coulston, S. Culberson, M. Dekar, C. Dibble, M. Eakin, G. Erickson, J. Hassrick, J. Hobbs, J. Israel, K. Jones, J. Kirsch, K. Kundargi, S. Lesmeister, S. Slater, S. Tharratt, T. Sommer, and B. Wells (2015). Assessment of 2013-2014 Drought Effects on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Aquatic Ecosystem. IEP Technical Report.

Marshack, J., and K. Jones (2014). Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness Through Collaboration, First Triennial Audit Report. California Water Quality Monitoring Council Report.

Conrad, L., J. Frantzich, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, K. Jones, P. Klimley, B. May, M. Meek, T. Sommer, L. Takata (2014). Fisheries Evaluation of Floodplain Rearing and Migration in the Yolo Bypass Floodplain. Report to the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ecosystem Restoration Program.

Baxter, R., L.R. Brown, G. Castillo, L. Conrad, S. Culberson, M. Dekar, M. Dekar, F. Feyrer, T. Hunt, K. Jones, J. Kirsch, A. Mueller-Solger, M. Nobriga, S.B. Slater, T. Sommer, and K. Souza (2014). An Updated Conceptual Model of Delta Smelt Biology: Our Evolving Understanding of an Estuarine Fish. IEP Technical Report.

Jones, K.S., C. Watry, K. Sellheim, B. Rook, and J. Merz (2012). Assessment of survival and outmigration behavior of radio tagged Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in the Stanislaus River. Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.

Zeug,S. C., P.S. Bergman, B.J. Cavallo, and K.S. Jones (2012). Application of a Life Cycle Simulation Model to Evaluate Impacts of Water Management and Conservation Actions on an Endangered Population of Chinook Salmon. Series: Environmental Modeling and Assessment, Vol. Online First.

Jones, K.S., and B. Cavallo (2012). Delta Smelt Multivariate Habitat Analysis (20mm survey). Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.
Gray, A., S. Hamilton, J. Melgo, K. Jones, and B. Cavallo (2012). Range and Frequency of Occurrence for Longfin Smelt Spirinchus thaleichthys in the San Francisco Estuary. Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.

Gray, A., C. Watry, K.S. Jones, and J. Merz (2011). Stanislaus River Juvenile Chinook Salmon Out-migration Population Dynamics (1996 – 2009) and Potential River Management Implications. Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.
Jones, K.S., and P. Bergman (2010). A revised Sacramento River Winter Chinook Salmon Juvenile Production Model. Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.

Jones, K.S., J.B. Lando, and B.P. Fox (2009). Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Delta Smelt Abundance and Distribution: Fall Midwater Trawl and Summer Townet Survey. Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.

JonesK.S., S. Nakagawa, B.C. Sheldon (2009). Environmental Sensitivity in Relation to Size and Sex in Birds: Meta-Regression Analysis.The American Naturalist 174(1): 122-133.

Watry, C.B., A. Gray, K. Jones, J. Montgomery and J.E. Merz (2009). Juvenile Salmonid Out-Migration Monitoring at Caswell Memorial State Park in the Lower Stanislaus River, California.  Cramer Fish Sciences Technical Report.

Brown, R.L., B. Cavallo and K.S. Jones (2004).  The effects of the Feather River Hatchery on Naturally Spawning Salmonids. Final Report to Calif. Dept. of Water Resources, Sacramento, CA. 150 pages.


Jones, K. (2015).  Estuary Monitoring Workgroup: Informing Decisions Through Streamlined Data Access. Oral presentation given at the State of the Estuary Conference.

Jones, K., J. Frantzich, L. Conrad, T. Sommer (2014). Evaluation of Environmental Effects on Lower Trophic Levels in the Yolo Bypass. Oral presentation given at the 8th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.

Jones, K. (2014). Measuring the Effectiveness of California’s Water Quality Monitoring Council. Oral presentation given at the Northern California Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Conference.

Jones, K.S. (2012).  Assessing the Survival and Behavior of Radio Tagged Chinook Smolts on the Lower Stanislaus River. Oral presentation given at the 7th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.

Jones, K.S., P. Bergman, J. Merz, and J. Melgo (2012). Using Underwater High Definition Video as a Fish Sampling Tool. Poster presented at the 7th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.

Jones, K.S. (2010). An Experimental Evaluation of Flow and Predation Effects on the Survival of Juvenile Chinook Salmon. Presentation given at the 6th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.

Selected Service: