Statewide Flood Management Planning Program

The California Water Plan...
A Collaborative Planning Framework

The Statewide Flood Management Planning (SFMP) program is developing flood management information and recommendations to be included in the California Water Plan Update 2013:

  • Volume 1 - Strategic Plan
    Flood management recommendations

  • Volume 2 - Regional Reports
    Flood management Resource Management Strategy

  • Volume 3 - Resource Management Strategies
    Regional flood risk and flood management information

This information will be consistent with the Department of Water Resources' FloodSAFE Initiative and California's Flood Future: Recommendations for Managing the State's Flood Risk report, a companion plan to the California Water Plan Update 2013.

The California Water Plan provides a collaborative planning framework for elected officials, local agencies, Tribal entities, water and resource managers, businesses, academia, stakeholders and the public to develop findings and recommendations and make informed decisions for California's water future. The California Water Plan evaluates different combinations of regional and statewide resource management strategies to reduce water demand, increase water supply, reduce flood risk, improve water quality and enhance environmental and resource stewardship.