Statewide Flood Management Planning Program

California's Flood Future Report

The California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed California's Flood Future: Recommendations for Managing the State's Flood Risk.

California’s Flood Future provides the first look at statewide exposure to flood risk, and identifies and addresses the barriers to improved flood management. California’s Flood Future provides information intended to inform decisions about policies and financial investments to improve public safety, foster environmental stewardship, and support economic stability.

Research used to develop California's Flood Future included gathering information from local, State and Federal agencies throughout California. More than 140 public agencies responsible for flood management provided information used to describe the problem and develop recommended solutions.

Map of Flood Zones

The report includes a Highlights document, main report, seven technical attachments (or technical memoranda) and a comprehensive mapbook.

The main report is organized into six main sections: Introduction, Understanding the Situation, The Problem, The Solution, Recommendations and The Path Forward.

The final version of the report incorporates comments from agencies, stakeholders and the public received earlier this year. Should you have questions about the report, please contact the SFMP program at