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Salton Sea FAP Draft List

After a thorough review process, three (3) proposals have been tentatively selected to be funded according to the table above. The release of the award list to the public starts a fifteen (15) calendar day public comment period. You have until April 17, 2013 at 5 P.M to submit your comments.

You can submit your comments by email at: For your comment to be considered, please include in your subject line: "Salton Sea FAP2012 – Draft Award Comment".

Or your written comments can be submitted to:

Kent Nelson
CA Department of Water Resources
Salton Sea Restoration Program
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236-0001

Round 1
Applicant Project Title Amount Requested Score and Review Amount Awarded
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Red Hill Bay $2,980,454 87 (PDF, 83 KB) $1,194,154
Imperial Irrigation District/Sephton Water Technology Salton Sea Water Habitat Pilot Project $2,003,004 80 (PDF, 126 KB) $692,819
Salton Sea Authority/Torres Martinez Tribe Habitat Enhancement & Creation: GeoTube Technology and Solar PV Power on SS Playa, Torres Martinez Wetlands $1,339,887 80 (PDF, 87 KB) $1,113,027
Salton Sea Authority Alamo River Wetland Near Holtville, CA $2,371,212 60 (PDF, 96 KB) $0
UC Berkeley Field test of a novel wetland treatment system to provide clean water for the SS Species Conservation Habitat $1,065,993 39 (PDF, 136 KB) $0
So Others May Eat/H2o Futures Salton Sea Farms: ISAS Discovery Center $1,000,000 30 (PDF, 95 KB) $0
Salton Sea Authority/Tetra Tech Se Bioaccumulation & Ecological Risk Assessment at Four Wetlands Near the Salton Sea $403,746 18 (PDF, 83 KB) $0

PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.