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Salton Sea, Restoration Plan Elements

Restoration Plan Elements

There are three objectives that the implementing legislation requires to be included in the Salton Sea Ecosystem Restoration Plan -- habitat restoration, elimination of air quality impacts, and protection of water quality. In addition, infrastructure must be developed to manage available water supplies to accomplish the restoration objectives.

  • Habitat Restoration
    Focuses on restoring long-term stable habitat for diverse populations of fish and wildlife in the Salton Sea ecosystem.
  • Water Quality Management
    Focuses on improvement of water quality through control of salinity, nutrient, and selenium levels.
  • Air Quality Management
    Focuses on the elimination of air quality impacts from Restoration Plan actions, and includes mitigation activities and further air quality data collection.

Restoration Planning Elements

  • Water Management Infrastructure
    Focuses on assessment of water supplies and consideration of various infrastructure configurations for ecosystem restoration, which may include barriers to partition the Salton Sea, potential water conveyance structures (pipelines, canals), and water treatment facilities.