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EMP (field)
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The Environmental Monitoring Program (Field) is part of the Environmental Water Quality & Estuarine Studies Branch within the Office of Water Quality within the California Department of Water Resources Division of Environmental Services. The section is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the multi-parameter land based compliance monitoring stations and support of water quality and data logging instrumentation used throughout the Division.

Operational Staff:
Scott Waller; Eric Santos; Nick VanArk; Morgan Martinez; Mike Dempsey; Jay Aldrich; and Emma Siegfried.

Scott Waller Scott Waller is responsible for D1641 discrete Compliance field monitoring element of the Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) from data acquisition to collecting and analyzing samples to describe the variability of water quality constituents in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. His work also includes the development of special studies in response to monitoring findings and the needs of management. Scott also acts as a liaison with other agencies to schedule field activities utilizing EMP staff and equipment. He attended California State University, Sacramento where he studied Biological Conservation.
Eric Santos Eric Santos is the chief vessel operator for the Environmetnal Monitoring Program (EMP) and the IEP. He is responsible for operating and maintaining the research vessels owned by the EMP as well as being a consultant for field operations. Eric has operated vessels for the IEP and EMP for several decades and currently holds a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Master's License, a Federal Communications Commission license and is a US Merchant Marine Officer.
Nick VanArk Nick VanArk assists the Environmental Monitoring Program (Field) section as the Mate, Fish and Game Vessel. He attended the University of Davis, where he studied Animal Biology.
Morgan Martinez Morgan Martinez is an Environmental Scientist in the Environmental Monitoring Program (Field) section where she assists in the collection, analysis, management, and reporting of water quality and biological data. Morgan received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation from Sacramento State in 2015.
Mike Dempsey
Control System Tech III
As the section lead technician provides daily interaction with staff and directs field operations, provides instructions on proper procedures for calibrations, repair and maintenance of all section equipment. Maintains section data and oversees water quality equipment and data QA/QC. Closely interacts with the Section and Branch Chiefs.
Jay Aldrich
Control System Tech II
This position works under the direction of the Section Chief and Lead Tech to do a variety of difficult tasks in the office and field on data acquisition and other water quality monitoring equipment. These tasks include proper operation of the monitoring network, timely collection of data, accurately record measured parameters before and after field activities on appropriate datasheets, maintain the site station log to insure maintenance activities are properly documented, calibration of all instruments and assist Suisun Marsh personnel with the operation and maintenance of installed water quality equipment of Marsh stations.

Emma Siegfried
Environmental Scientist
This position is for the Environmental Monitoring Program (Field) Section where she analyzes continuous water quality data in the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Estuary. Her duties include maintaining water quality stations, calibrating continuous monitoring equipment, and preparing annual reports in compliance with Water Right Decision 1641. In addition, she plans and implements field studies. Emma received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science (2012) from the University of Virginia.