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Although the Department of Water Resources (DWR) has been managing encroachments within the State Water Project (SWP) right-of-way since the SWP’s inception, statutes enacted by legislation in 2005 (Water Code Section 12899) authorize DWR to permit certain encroachments and remove those that are unauthorized. To this end, DWR proposes to adopt new regulations to create an encroachment permitting process and to establish criteria and guidelines for all encroachments within SWP right-of-way. The following is a catalog of the documents that DWR has submitted to the Office of Administrative Law as part of the rulemaking package for the proposed regulations. DWR welcomes comments, questions, or suggestions from any member of the public, or representatives of public agencies, and you can contact us at the phone number and email address contained in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking document below.

Public Notice Comments Received

AT&T - Encroachment Permit Regulationsr
City of Fairfield - Encroachment Permit Regulations Comment Ltr 12-9-13
Comments of tw telecom - Proposed CA DWR encroachment permit regulations 12-6-13
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage Dist - Encroachment_Permit_Comment_Letter_WRMWSD

Public Hearing Documents

Hearing Sign-In Sheet
13-12-09 - DWR PUB HRG Transcript

Documents Included By Reference

ASTM D1557 Lab Compaction of Soil
California PUC General Order 95 excerpt
Caltrans 2010 Standard Specifications excerpt
Federal DOT Regulations Title 49 excerpt
The 123061_USBR_DWR agreement
Encroachment Permit Application Form DWR 33
Federal Specification ffs325

Documents Relied Upon

APWA Color Guidelines for Utilities
Common ground alliance enforcement
DWR Encroachment Permit Guidelines
FAQ’s – R-O-W Maintenance 101912
FERC Compliance handbook 2004
Industry guidelines for trees excerpts
KinderMorgan ROW handout
PGE TreeRootStudyReport
Questar tree policy
Smith-Blair expansion joints
Dresser Style 63 Expansion Joints

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