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AB 1406, Huffman - 2007: Recycled Water - Toilet and Urinal Flushing: Condominiums.
Existing law generally authorizes a public agency to require the use of recycled water for toilet and urinal flushing in structures if certain requirements are met. This bill would include condominium projects within the meaning of “structure” for the purposes of those provisions. The bill would allow the use of recycled water in condominium projects subject to specified conditions.

AB 371, Goldberg - 2006: The Water Recycling Act of 2006
This bill required a recycled water producer to notify the Department of Transportation and the Department of General Services if the recycled water producer determines that, within 10 years, it proposes to provide recycled water for use for state landscape irrigation that meets certain conditions and would require all pipe installed by those state agencies for landscape irrigation within the area identified by the notice to meet prescribed requirements.
The bill, subject to the appropriation of funds for that purpose, would require the Department of Water Resources, in consultation with the State Department of Health Services, on or before July 1, 2008, to adopt and submit to the California Building Standards Commission regulations to establish a state version of Appendix J of the Uniform Plumbing Code to provide design standards to safely plumb buildings with both potable and recycled water systems.

AB 334, Goldberg - 2003: Water Softening and Conditioning Appliances
This bill authorizes local agencies to adopt ordinances to limit the availability, or prohibit the installation, of residential water softening or conditioning appliances that discharge to the community sewer system if certain conditions are met (including achieving compliance with the water reclamation requirements.)

AB 331, Goldberg - 2001: Recycled Water Task Force
This bill requires the Department of Water Resources to convene the 2002 Recycled Water Task Force to advise the department in investigating the opportunities for using recycled water in industrial and commercial applications and in identifying impediments and constraints to increasing the industrial and commercial use of recycled water, and would require a report to the Legislature with recommendations on specified topics.

SB 2095, Johnston - 2000: Water Recycling in Landscaping Act
This bill requires any local public or private entity that produces recycled water and determines that within 10 years it will provide recycled water within the boundaries of a local agency, to notify the local agency of that fact. The bill would require a local agency, within 180 days of receipt of the notice, to adopt and enforce a specified recycled water ordinance, unless the local agency adopted a recycled water ordinance or other regulation requiring the use of recycled water in its jurisdiction prior to January 1, 2001.

SB 1062, Poochigian - 1999: The California Water Plan
This bill required the Department of Water Resources, in connection with the updating of the California Water Plan, to include in the plan a discussion of various strategies, including those strategies relating to the development of new water storage facilities, water conservation and recycling, desalination, conjunctive use, and water transfers, that may be pursued to meet the future water needs of the state.

AB 1247, Setencich - 1995: Recycled Water
This bill substitutes the term ‘‘recycled water’’ for ‘‘reclaimed water’’ and the term ‘‘recycling’’ for ‘‘reclamation’’ in various provisions of California Law.

AB 313, McDonald - 1995: Graywater
This bill requires the Department of Water Resources, by January 1, 1997, in consultation with the State Department of Health Services and the Center for Irrigation Technology at California State University, Fresno, to adopt standards for the installation of graywater systems for subsurface irrigation and other safe uses.