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Water soothes us. Its serene, sparkling surface invites us in to enjoy a dip, especially on hot summer days. But its allure can be dangerously deceptive. Calm water can hide strong currents, hidden debris, sudden drop-offs into the deep, and extremely cold temperatures. Such dangers take many lives each year. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, drowning ranks as the number two killer of its most vulnerable victims -- children.

With more than 20 lakes and reservoirs open to recreation, the Department of Water Resources created a Water Safety Program to raise awareness of how you and your family can stay water safe. The Department's concern is to minimize the number of accidents and drownings along the SWP. The program includes:

  • SWP safety training and materials for use by the Department's field divisions in their outreach efforts with visitors and communities along the State Water Project, such as:
  • Aquatic Adventure Camps help teach water safety to children and youth-especially ethnic minorities and those who would most benefit from positive youth development. The Department of Water Resources partners with communities to create and run these camps. A "how-to" manual is available here.
  • Water safety presentations for schools, service clubs, ethnic groups, and church groups, featuring our water safety mascots, Albert and Einstein.
  • The three Department of Water Resources Visitors Centers offer free, off-site water safety presentations to surrounding communities within a 50-mile radius. For more information call: Lake Oroville-(530) 538-2219; Romero Outlook (San Luis Reservoir)-(209) 827-5353; Vista Del Lago (Pyramid Lake)-(661) 294-0219.

Contact Us

Reyna Reyes is the primary contact for DWR water safety materials. She can be reached at:

Telephone: (916) 653-9794
FAX: (916) 653-3310

California Department of Water Resources
Public Affairs Office
1416 - 9th Street, Room 252-26
Sacramento, CA 95814

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