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Locations: Quail Lake

Scene of Quail Lake Man fishing from a boat

Quail Lake, in the Tejon Ranch area of western Antelope Valley, provides fish and wildlife habitat, and regulatory water storage for generating electricity at Warne Powerplant, one of the SWP's eight hydroelectric power plants, during peak demand periods.

Directions: Quail Lake is located 45 miles northwest of Lancaster and 70 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. From Interstate 5, take the Quail Lake Road/Highway 138 off-ramp.

Activities: fishing, hiking, bird watching

More Information: The lake is open from sunrise to sundown. For more information, contact DWR's Southern Field Division at (661) 294-0219.

Quail Lake was originally a pond created by a cataclysmic movement of the San Andreas Fault ages ago.  As part of the Project, Quail Lake was enlarged to move water safely across the fault.

Most recreationists are attracted to the lake because of its three-mile shoreline, and fishing for striped bass, channel catfish, blackfish, tule perch, threadfin shad, and hitch. Others come to hike, watch birds, and enjoy the outdoors.