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Lake Oroville

Campground reservations are recommended from late spring through Labor Day and can be made by phone at 1-800-444 PARK (7275) through the California State Parks Reservation Center. Online reservations can be booked through ReserveAmerica for 232 of the campsites. Lake Oroville offers ten camping areas, including two unique camping experiences rarely found elsewhere.

people camping
Enjoy a summer evening at one of Lake Oroville's many campgrounds

Floating Campsites are distributed throughout Lake Oroville. All ten (10) floating campsites measure 20' X 24' and can only be accessed by boat. Each unit sleeps up to 15 people and has a camp table, sink, propane barbecue grill (propane included), a food locker, a lockable closet, an accessible restroom, a covered living area, an upper sun deck/sleeping area, and room for tents. Drinking water and firewood is NOT provided!

Due to the unique experience of these facilities, it's suggested that you reserve a Floating Campsite well in advance. Log onto ReserveAmerica for reservations and additional information.

floating campsite
Enjoy your own private campsite on beautiful Lake Oroville

Boat-in Camps are on a first-come, first-served basis, at designed areas around the lake and can only be accessed by boat. Each Boat-in camp has between 6 and 26 individual campsites which include tent pad, fire ring, tables, pit toilets, and garbage cans. Drinking water and firewood is NOT provided!

Equestrian Campsites are available at Loafer Creek Horse Camp within the Loafer Creek Campground. There are 15 campsites and each site allows up to two horses. The campground also has a horse washing station, horse tethering, and a feeding station near each campsite. There is a horse trail riding system close by (dogs are not allowed on the trails). The campground also has a disabled access restroom facility. Reserve a campsite, or the entire campground through Reserve-America online, or call them at 1-800-444-7275.

equestrian campground
Each Equestrian campsite will accommodate up to two horses

The following table lists the campgrounds available at Lake Oroville SRA:
Campground Campsite type/total # sites for that type Handicap Accessible Facilities Max. Persons per Site/Max Vehicles per Site Showers Swim Beach / Campfire Program RV Hook-Ups Dump Station Launch Ramp Marina Boat Rentals Grocery Wi-Fi
Lime Saddle Family-28
Family - 1
RV - 2
Family-8 people/1 vehicle
$8 each additional vehicle
RV-8 people/2 vehicles
Group-25 people/8 vehicles
Yes - Coin No Electricity & Water Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Loafer Creek Family -137
Group - 6
Some Available Family-8 people/1 vehicle
$8 each additional
Equestrian- 8 people/2 vehicles
Group-25 people/8 vehicles
Yes - Coin Yes/Yes None, but can park in camp-sites Yes Yes No No No No
Bidwell Canyon RV - 74 sites total;
(33) up to 27 feet length
(41) up to 40 feet length
3 RV Sites 8 people/1 vehicle + $8 for each additional vehicle Yes - Coin No Full Hookups N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Floating Campsites 10 Units No 15 people/3 boat (up to 24' long) No N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No

Notes: A Family campsite consists of a table, fire pit, and parking spot. An RV site has the same facilities as a Family campsite but has a longer parking space and may have utility hookups. An Equestrian campsite has the same facilities as a Family campsite plus a corral for up to two horses, a feeding station, and horse tethering.

Boat-In Campgrounds
Boat-In Campground* Number of Campsites Maximum No. of People per Campsite Maximum No. of Boats per Campsite
Goat Ranch 5 8 1
Bloomer Point 24 8 1
Bloomer Knoll 6 8 1
Foreman Creek 26 8 1
Craig Saddle 18 8 1
Bloomer Group Campground 1 75 No Maximum; $5/boat
Additional Camping Facts, Suggestions, and Safety Tips:
Facts & Suggestions:
  • Reservations are recommended from late spring through Labor Day. While Lake Oroville State Recreation Area has the most campsites of any other State Park, a total of 432 sites, these campgrounds can fill up quickly during peak periods. Contact ReserveAmerica to reserve the campsite you desire.
  • If your camping group is too large for a traditional campsite, there are group sites available that can accommodate from 9 to as many as 75 persons, depending upon the campsite.
  • For reservations, you can book on-line at ReserveAmerica, or contact them at (800) 444-PARK (7275). Their website has both reservation information and current fees. Reservations can be made up to seven months in advance, all year long.
  • Check in time is 2 p.m. on your reservation start date and check out time is 12:00 noon on your departure time.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet long, and in a tent or enclosed vehicle at night.
  • Amenities in developed campsites vary from location to location, and may include a fire pit or fire ring, picnic table, cleared are for your tent, a driveway to park your vehicle, and nearby showers and water supply.
Camping Safety:
  • Fires and Fuel - In summer, extreme fire hazard conditions exist; fires and smoking are permitted only in designated sites. Call 911 or contact the nearest park employee to report a fire immediately.
  • Firewood - Collection and use of Dead wood (not driftwood) is prohibited, it is a normal part of the park's ecology. Fuel and firewood can be purchased at the park entrance. Use gas-fueled camp stoves in designated camping or day-use areas.
  • Driftwood - Driftwood can be collected and used for fuel. It can be found in the lake and its tributaries or ashore between the actual lake level and the high-water mark.