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Quail Lake Brochure




The smallest of SWP lakes, Quail Lake was created by a cataclysmic movement of the San Andreas fault. It was enlarged to move water across the infamous fault and now serves to regulate water storage for power generation at Warne Powerplant.


This brochure is also available in
electronic format
(808K .pdf).

Warne Powerplant Brochure



Warne Powerplant, located on the West Branch of the SWP’s California Aqueduct, was designed to recapture energy used to pump water over the Tehachapi Mountains.

The publication discusses its power generation operations.

This brochure is also available in
electronic format (1.45 MB .pdf)(11/10)

Pyramid Lake Brochure



This brochure describes Pyramid Lake, located along Interstate 5 in northern Los Angeles County.

The lake provides water storage, flood protection, and recreation for Southern California. Part of it can be seen from Vista del Lago Visitors Center, one of DWR’s three information centers.


This brochure is also available in
electronic format (2MB .pdf)

Castaic Lake Brochure



Located in Southern California, Castaic Lake is the terminal reservoir on the West Branch of the State Water Project. Castaic Lake and Castaic Lagoon, with their wide variety of water sports, are popular with Southern Californians.


This brochure is also available in
electronic format
(450K .pdf).