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SWP Publications

SWP Facilities from Northern California to the Delta

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Upper Feather River Lakes Brochure




The three Upper Feather River Lakes—Antelope, Frenchman, and Davis—provide local water supply, releases for fish habitat, and great fishing.

This brochure explains the history, describes recreational opportunities, and provides statistics of each lake.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (1.2mb .pdf).

Oroville-Thermalito Complex Brochure



Lake Oroville is the SWP’s largest reservoir, impounded by the nation’s tallest dam. The lake is part of a complex that includes the Thermalito facilities and provides the capacity for a pumped back operation for power generation.

This descriptive brochure also includes information on Hyatt Powerplant located in a cavern beneath Lake Oroville.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (429K .pdf).

Feather River Fish Hatchery Brochure



The hatchery began its operations in 1967 to compensate for spawning grounds lost when Oroville Dam was constructed.

The brochure explains how the different hatchery facilities work and what happens during the artificial spawning operations. It provides visitors with a self-guided tour of the hatchery.

One side shows a step-by step overview of the hatchery operations. The other side shows the life cycle of chinook salmon.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (518K .pdf).

North Bay Aqueduct Brochure



The brochure discusses the two-phased construction of the North Bay Aqueduct, along with a description of the delivery system which includes 27 miles of underground pipelines and two pumping plants.

The aqueduct serves water users in Napa and Solano counties.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (2.83mb .pdf).

Banks Pumping Plant Brochure




Located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Banks Pumping Plant lifts water 244 feet into the beginning of the California Aqueduct.

The brochure, which also mentions Skinner Fish Facility, explains the role of Banks Pumping Plant as part of the SWP.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (36KB .pdf).

Skinner Fish Facility Brochure



Operated since 1968 by the Department of Water Resources, the Skinner Fish Facility plays an important role in protecting Bay-Delta fish.

At the facility, up to 15 million fish a year are saved from the pumps and returned to the Delta.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (1.92MB .pdf).

South Bay Aqueduct Brochure



SOUTH BAY AQUEDUCT (Lake Del Valle and Bethany Reservoir)

A partially completed South Bay Aqueduct was the first SWP system to deliver water. In this brochure, learn how water is delivered from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

Along the Aqueduct, Lake Del Valle is a popular Bay area recreation spot and provides flood control and water storage.


This brochure is also available in electronic format (137K .pdf).