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Every year, the Department of Water Resources issues technical bulletins, reports, and other publications and media documenting the measurement, protection, use, and management of California's water resources. This DWR Publications Repository is a partial and growing list of the publications and other media produced and distributed by the Department.

In this list you find a variety of types of publications and other media ranging from print material, to audio and video files. If the publication or other media is available in electronic format, a link will point to the appropriate electronic file. In many cases, publications are only available in hardcopy and cannot be downloaded. A contact phone number and email will be provided for cases where an electronic download is not available.

Please use the Comments or Suggestions link in the footer to request an accessible version of text-based documents.

If you are searching for a particular publication or media item, and cannot find it, for more information, please contact:
State of California
Department of Water Resources
Bulletins and Reports
P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236-0001
1416 Ninth Street, Third Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-1097

In addition to this Publications Repository, the Department of Water Resources publications, including those that are now out-of-print, are distributed to many California libraries and to libraries in other states and the District of Columbia. is a useful web site to search library collections in your community and thousands more around the world. (Link will open in a new browser window.)

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Toggle Image Oroville-Thermalito Complex 11/01/2008 (PDF, 439 KB)
Description: Lake Oroville is the SWP’s largest reservoir, impounded by the nation’s tallest dam. The lake is part of a complex that includes the Thermalito facilities and provides the capacity for a pumped back operation for power generation. This descriptive brochure also includes information on Hyatt Powerplant located in a cavern beneath Lake Oroville.
Toggle Image Oroville Facilities: Highlights of the Settlement Agreement for Licensing 03/10/2006 (PDF, 3.21 MB)
Description: Since 1968, the Oroville Facilities have provided power generation, water supply, flood management, water quality improvement in the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta, recreation, and fish and wildlife enhancement benefits to millions of Californians. The facilities currently operate under a license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that expires on January 31, 2007. This document provides highlights of a proposed Settlement Agreement among DWR and stakeholders, including regulatory agencies, that will be submitted to FERC for its consideration in continuing these benefits under a new 50-year license. The Settlement Agreement also includes measures that are intended to satisfy the respective authorities of the State and Federal regulatory agencies under the Federal Power Act and Clean Water Act.
Toggle Image Overview Restoration Planning Process 2006 (PDF, 773 KB)
Description: In 2003, the State legislature passed the Salton Sea Restoration Act which states that “it is the intent of the Legislature that the State of California undertake the restoration of the Salton Sea ecosystem and the permanent protection of the wildlife dependent on that ecosystem.” The State Secretary for Resources is to prepare an Ecosystem Restoration Study and a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR). These reports are to be submitted to the legislature by the end of 2006.
Toggle Image Oroville Visitors Center Promotional Flyer 2000
Description: Find out what visitors to the center can see and learn. It also includes information on recreation at Lake Oroville, contacts, and the Internet address of the “Come Visit Lake Oroville” Web site. This promotional flyer is designed for retail displays.
This publication is not available electronically. To inquire further, please contact:
Publications Clerk at (916) 653-1097 or