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Every year, the Department of Water Resources issues technical bulletins, reports, and other publications and media documenting the measurement, protection, use, and management of California's water resources. This DWR Publications Repository is a partial and growing list of the publications and other media produced and distributed by the Department.

In this list you find a variety of types of publications and other media ranging from print material, to audio and video files. If the publication or other media is available in electronic format, a link will point to the appropriate electronic file. In many cases, publications are only available in hardcopy and cannot be downloaded. A contact phone number and email will be provided for cases where an electronic download is not available.

Please use the Comments or Suggestions link in the footer to request an accessible version of text-based documents.

If you are searching for a particular publication or media item, and cannot find it, for more information, please contact:
State of California
Department of Water Resources
Bulletins and Reports
P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236-0001
1416 Ninth Street, Third Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-1097

In addition to this Publications Repository, the Department of Water Resources publications, including those that are now out-of-print, are distributed to many California libraries and to libraries in other states and the District of Columbia. is a useful web site to search library collections in your community and thousands more around the world. (Link will open in a new browser window.)
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Toggle Image Fall 2013 DWR Magazine 10/30/2013 (PDF, 8.25 MB)
Description: Fall 2013 DWR Magazine features the State Water Project’s Contract Extensions, Water Transfers, Integrated Water Management Summit, First LEED-NC Building and New Fuel Management System.
Toggle Image Fall 2014 DWR Magazine 10/29/2014 (PDF, 22.69 MB)
Description: New Legislation expands DWR's role on Groundwater
Toggle Image Fall 2015 DWR Magazine 12/01/2015 (PDF, 6.47 MB)
Description: DWR Fall 2015 Magazine features Statewide Rebate Programs Launched, Sustainable Groundwater Management Program Completes First Regulation, Emergency Rock Barrier Removed, New Levee Evaluation Methods and DWR Helps Tackle Lake County Fires.
Toggle Image Fall 2016 DWR News Magazine 12/15/2016 (PDF, 14.95 MB)
Description: The Fall 2016 DWR Magazine features DWR’s Water Supply Project Connection of First East Porterville home, Mussel Prevention Inspections, Calaveras Dam Spillway Completed and DWR Experiment Boosts Food Supply for Delta Smelt.
Toggle Image Spring Summer 2014 DWR Magazine 07/02/2014 (PDF, 15.21 MB)
Description: features California’s Drought, Faces of the BDCP, South Bay Aqueduct and California Water Plan Update 2013.
Toggle Image Spring-Summer 2016 DWR Magazine 06/10/2016 (PDF, 8.31 MB)
Description: The Spring/Summer 2016 DWR Magazine highlights DWR’s 60th Anniversary. Other features include DWR’s New Drought Team Leaders, Aqueduct Repair in Kern County, San Joaquin River Parkway Trail project and DWR Solar Power projects in Southern California.
Toggle Image Spring/Summer 2015 DWR Magazine 06/01/2015 (PDF, 6.36 MB)
Description: features Californians Mandated to Save Water, Emergency Rock Barrier Installed, DWR Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Clifton Court Forebay Predation Study and Turbidity Data Helps Protect Fish and Water Supply.
Toggle Image Summer/Fall 2017 DWR Magazine 10/16/2017 (PDF, 6.99 MB)
Description: DWR Magazine The Summer/Fall 2017 DWR Magazine features Lake Oroville Spillways Construction Kicks Off, Water Conservation A Way of Life, DWR Monitors Land Subsidence in the San Joaquin Valley, Advanced Groundwater Sampling Procedures Help with Understanding Regional Hydrology, and DWR Releases Final Environmental Documents for New Delta Research Station.
Toggle Image Winter 2012-13 DWR Magazine 06/05/2013 (PDF, 16.57 MB)
Description: Winter 2012-13 DWR Magazine
Toggle Image Winter 2013-2014 DWR Magazine 02/26/2014 (PDF, 19.98 MB)
Description: features the San Clemente Dam Removal Project, Bay Delta Conservation Plan Released for Public Review, Governor’s Drought Proclamation, Caprini Fish Passage Improvement Project, and the New Weir No. 2.
Toggle Image Winter 2014-15 DWR Magazine 02/27/2015 (PDF, 10.00 MB)
Description: features Waterfowl Surge in the Suisun Marsh, Drought Relief Grants Awarded and New Calaveras Dam Construction Project.
Toggle Image Winter Spring 2017 DWR Magazine 05/15/2017 (PDF, 17.70 MB)
Description: The Winter/Spring 2017 DWR Magazine features Lake Oroville Spillway Incident, New Research Vessel Sentinel Arrives, How Do you Build a Flood Plain, DWR Installs Six California Irrigation Management Information System Stations and Mussels Spotted at State Water Project Facilities.

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