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Study Reports and Documents for Work Groups
Recreation and Socioeconomics Work Group


SP-R1 Final Report: Vehicular Access Study  pdf (3.05 MB)
SP-R2 Final Report: Recreational Safety Assessment  pdf (2.89 MB)
SP-R3 Final Report: Assessment of the Relationship of Project Operations and Recreation  pdf (1.40 MB)
SP-R4 Final Report: Relationship Assessment of Fish/Wildlife Management and Recreation  pdf (643 KB)
SP-R5 Final Report: Assessment of Recreation Areas Management  pdf (2.05 MB)
Draft Addendum to Oroville Relicensing R-5 - Assessment of Recreation Areas Management  pdf (48 KB)
SP-R6 Final Report: ADA Accessibility Assessment  pdf (925 KB)
SP-R7 Final Report: Reservoir Boating  pdf (799 KB)
Draft Addendum to Oroville Relicensing R-7: Assessment of Marina Facilities  pdf (49 KB)
SP-R7, R9, R13 Interim Report: Critical Path Recreation Field Studies.  pdf (355 KB)

Appendix A Oroville On-site Surveys  pdf (160 KB)
Appendix B Oroville Mail Back Surveys  pdf (223 KB)
Appendix C Similar Sites Surveys  pdf (183 KB)
Appendix D Oroville Household Survey  pdf (40 KB)
Appendix E Visitor Survey Log  pdf (12 KB)
Appendix F Boat Tally Sheet  pdf (8 KB)

SP-R8 Final Report: Recreation Carrying Capacity  pdf (1.63 MB)
SP-R9 Final Report: Existing Recreation Use  pdf (1.24 MB)
SP-R10 Final Report: Recreation Facility Inventory and Condition Report  pdf (2.38 MB)
SP-R11 Final Report: Recreation and Public Use Impact Assessment  pdf (1.47 MB)
SP-R12 Final Report: Projected Recreation Use  pdf (2.46 MB)
SP-R13 Final Report: Recreation Surveys  pdf (2.52 MB)

SP-R13 Draft Report: Recreation Surveys (June-04)

Recreation Surveys Report  pdf (896 KB)
Appendix A-J  pdf (3.00 MB)

SP-R14 Final Report: Assessment of Regional Recreation and Barriers to Recreation  pdf (2.93 MB)

SP-R15 Final Report: Recreation Suitability Analysis (03-02-04)

Part 1  pdf (2.89 MB)
Part 2  pdf (4.00 MB)

SP-R16 Final Report: Whitewater and River boating Report  pdf (3.69 MB)

SP-R17 Final Report: Recreation Needs Analysis (06-01-04)

Summary  pdf (158 KB)
R17 Part 1  pdf (903 KB)

R17 Part 2:

Part 2A (Fig 5.1-1)  pdf (6.93 MB)
Part 2B  pdf (2.05 MB)
Part 2C  pdf (3.98 MB)

R17 Part 3  pdf (3.95 MB)
R17 Part 4  pdf (2.79 MB)

SP-R18 Recreation Activity, Spending, and Associated Economic Impacts, Final Report  pdf (603 KB)
SP-R19 Fiscal Impacts, Final Report  pdf (524 KB)
SP-R18 & R19 Phase I Background Report: Economic and Fiscal Conditions, Final Report  pdf (647 KB)

Phase II Background Report for Socioeconomic Studies, SP-R18, R19:

Property Value Analysis Using a Hedonic Property Pricing Model  pdf (229 KB)
Recreation & Tourism Economy in Oroville  pdf (159 KB)

Recreation and Socioeconomics Study Reports Addenda and Errata  pdf (4.49 MB)