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Final Settlement Agreement
March 21, 2006


Settlement Agreement Signing Ceremony
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Highlights of the Settlement Agreement for Licensing  (3.65 MB)
Video of Settlement Agreement Signing Ceremony - low resolution  (25.29 MB)
Video of Settlement Agreement Signing Ceremony - high resolution  (75.46 MB)

Settlement Agreement pdf

Settlement Agreement  (4.00 MB)

Explanatory Statement for Settlement Agreement pdf

Explanatory Statement  (3.97 MB)

Recreation Management Plan pdf

RMP  (5.41 MB)
Appendix A-B  (383 KB)
Appendix C  (10.39 MB)
Appendix D  (13.20 MB)
Appendix E  (215 KB)

Settlement Brochure pdf

OFRSA Highlights Brochure  (3.21 MB)

Maps pdf

Planned Environmental Measures  (972 KB)
Recreation Settlement Agreement PME's  (2.16 MB)