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Reflecting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's long-term commitment to improving flood safety to prevent possible catastrophic flooding and loss of life, DWR is undertaking unprecedented efforts to evaluate and upgrade aging and deteriorating levees along the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Valleys and Delta. Of highest priority, DWR is fully evaluating more than 300 miles of urban project levees in these areas, with plans to later survey the entire 1,600 miles of project levees in the Central Valley. Funding for the levee evaluation efforts is provided through two large flood control bonds approved by California voters in November 2006, Propositions 84 and 1E.

Geotechnical subsurface investigations (drilling to collect core soil samples and cone penetration tests) are underway along the American River. For more information, go to Geotechnical Evaluations.

Throughout the Central Valley, levees provide essential protection for both urban and rural lands, preventing possible catastrophic flooding and loss of life. As an essential first step in providing improved flood protection for communities in the Central Valley, DWR is conducting geotechnical exploration, testing, and analysis of state and federal levees that protect the highly populated urban areas of greater Sacramento, Stockton/Lathrop, and Marysville/Yuba City. This program is being implemented simultaneously with the various urgent levee repairs.

To expedite efforts to protect these communities, levee evaluations are being conducted in a fast-track manner over a two- to three-year period. During this time, technical specialists are reviewing existing levee historical data; mapping near-surface geology; conducting field explorations; performing engineering, stability and seepage analyses; and preparing preliminary design and construction estimates for repairing and upgrading the levees, where needed.

For more information about the levee evaluation program and methods, please click on the links at right or view the Levee Evaluation Program Fact Sheet.   En Español