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Land Use Surveys

Since 1950 DWR has conducted over 250 land use surveys of all or parts of California's 58 counties. Early land use surveys were recorded on paper maps of USGS 7.5' quadrangles. In 1986, DWR began to develop georeferenced digital maps of land use survey data, which are available for download here. Our long-term goal for this program is to survey land use more frequently and efficiently using satellite imagery, high elevation digital imagery, local sources of data, and remote sensing in conjunction with field surveys.


In 1947, the California Legislature requested that an investigation be conducted of the water resources and present and future water needs for all hydrologic regions in the State. Accordingly, DWR and its predecessor agencies began to collect the urban and agricultural land use and water use data that serve as the basis for the computations of current and projected water uses.

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Land Use Data

Following is a list (by year) of the land use survey data that are available from this site. Every digital survey has a metadata file which explains more specifically and in more detail how that survey was performed. The shapefile of the land use survey data, the metadata, the land use legend, and an explanation of the land use attributes in the shapefile have been combined into a single zipped file for each survey. Click on the survey area and select "Save" to download the data to your computer.

Year Survey Area
2015 2015 Calaveras County (15CA)
2015 Sacramento County (15SA)
2014 2014 San Francisco County (14SF)
2014 Santa Clara County (14SC)
2013 2013 Alpine County (13AP)
2013 Tuolumne County (13TO)
2012 2012 San Mateo County (12SM)
2011 2011 Madera County (11MA)
2011 Marin County (11MR)
2010 2010 Mendocino County Southwest (10MD_SW)
2010 Northern Mono County (10nMN)
2010 Stanislaus County (10SS)
2009 2009 Eastern Fresno County (09eFR)
2009 El Dorado County (09ED)
2008 2008 Yolo County (08YO)
2007 2007 Tulare County (07TU)
2006 2006 Alameda County (06AL)
2006 Del Norte County (06DN)
2006 Kern County (06KN)
2006 Trinity County (06TR)
2005 2005 Nevada County (05NE)
2005 Shasta County (05SH)
2005 Yuba County (05YU)
2004 2004 Butte County (04BU)
2004 Stanislaus County (04SS)
2004 Sutter County (04SU)
2003 2003 Colusa County (03CO)
2003 Glenn County (03GL)
2003 Kings County (03KG)
2003 Solano County (03SO)
2002 2002 Merced County (02ME)
2002 San Benito County (02ST)
2002 Sierra County (02SI)
2001 2001 Alpine County (01AP)
2001 Lake County (01LK)
2001 Madera County (01MA_v2)
2001 Mono County (01MN) - North Portion.
2000 2000 Calaveras County (00CA)
2000 Fresno County (00FR)
2000 Riverside County (00RI)
2000 Sacramento County (00SA)
2000 Siskiyou County (00SK)
2000 Ventura County (00VE)
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