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Data File Format for Splittail Studies

1.  File name(s):  GN94DBC

2.  Last Update:  02/06/96

3.  Size of File(s):  275 kb

4.  Maximum record length:  75

5.  Structure of GN94DBC file:

a)  Number of variable:  19
b)  Number of records:  3,885
c), d), e) Variable names and format:

RKI		Character	2	River KM index
Station ID	Numeric		2	Stations were numbered 1-4 within 
					each subarea, and the subareas
					were numbered 1-6
Date		Numeric		8	YYYYMMDD
Time		Numeric		4	Pacific Standard Time (PST),
					Daylight savings time
					Military Time Format
					Example:   0 = midnight
						  10 = 10 minutes after midnight
						1300 = 1 pm
Depth		Numeric		2.1	Depth of the net was measured in
					feet and 10ths of feet at each end
					of the net and averaged
Tide		Numeric		2	1-flood, 2-ebb, 3=slack, 4=low slack
Samplenite	Numeric		2
Net_no		Numeric		2
Temp_C		Numeric		2.1	Centigrade taken at the water surface
Conduct		Numeric		4	Measurements taken at surface and
					converted to salinity at 25 degC
Salinity	Numeric		2.1	Measurements taken at surface and
					converted to salinity at 25 degC
Time_retr	Numeric		4
Mns_fished	Numeric		3
Set_code	Numeric		2	1=net fished correctly, 2=net did
					not fish correctly because anchor
					slipped, meshes wrapped up, excessive
					debris acculumation, etc.
Species		Character	8	List of alpha codes, common names and
					Latin names provided (see metadata)
Mesh		Numeric		3.1	Stretch mesh in inches
Length		Numeric		4	Fork length measured to the nearest mm
Count		Numeric		3	Will be one for most records except
					those where individuals were not 
					measured for a species and mesh, in
					which case length=0 and count>1.
					Summing count by species and mesh for
					a given time retrieved will provide
					total catch of that species.

6.  Reference to optional REF table(s):  Fish species codes