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Electrofishing and Hoopnet Data – Metadata

File Format for 1992-1995 Temporary Barriers Project field data

1.  File names:
     a.  Field = 1992-1995 gillnet field data.
2.  Last update of data files:     05/17/95
3.  Size of file in bytes:    
     a.  Field = 128,984
4.  Width of files:
     a.  Field = 45
5.  Structure of each file:
     a.  Number of variables:
          i.  Field = 9
     b.  Number of records:
          i.  Field = 2,797
     c., d., & e., Variable names, variable format and variable 
	  length for Field:  Starting with column 1 of the 1992-1995 
	  gillnetting field data file.

I.   RKI
          1.   River Kilometer Index.
               Column 8 characters wide.
II.  Station
          1.   GLCB0 is the proposed barrier site.
          2.   HORB0 is at the barrier site.  
          3.   MIDRBb is just Below the barrier.
          4.   OLDRBb is just Below the barrier.
               Column 7 characters wide.
III. Date
          1.   Year, Month, Day
               Column 8 characters wide
IV.  Time
          1.   Pacific standard time (PST)
               Column 4 characters wide
V.   Depth
          1.   Depth of shoreline
               Column 4 characters wide
VI.  Sp_abr
         1.   Species abbreviation
              Column 4 characters wide
VII.  Spcode
         1.   Species code
              Column 2 characters wide
VIII. Flngth
         1.   Fork length measured to the nearest millimeter (mm).
              Column 4 characters wide
IX. Plus_ct
          1.   Plus count of extra fish not measured
               Column 4 characters wide