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REF Table for Temporary Barrier Project sampling for 1992, 1993, & 1994.

1.   Gear
     a.   Monofilament gillnets; 12 feet deep, and 200 feet long 
	  with variable stretch mesh
          of 2.5 to 4 inches.
     b.   Hoopnets 10 feet long made of 1.5-inch stretch mesh 
	  netting on 3 and 4 foot
          diameter hoops.
     c.   Electrofishing was done with a Smith-Root SR-16 shocker boat.


CS-1      chinook salmon
STH-2     steelhead rainbow trout
SB-3      striped bass
WCF-4     white catfish
BBH-5     brown bullhead
CCF-6     channel catfish
AS-7      American shad
TFS-8     threadfin shad
SPT-9     Sacramento splittail
SQF-10    Sacramento squawfish
TSB-11    threespine stickleback
HH-12     hardhead
GS-13     golden shiner
CP-14     carp
GF-15     golfish
HTC-16    hitch
SBF-17    Sacramento blackfish
BCR-18    black crappie
GSF-19    green sunfish
WMB-20    warmouth bass
BG-21     bluegill
LMB-22    largemouth bass
LP-23     logperch
TP-24     tule perch
DS-26     delta smelt
WST-27    white sturgeon
GST-28    green sturgeon
PSC-29    prickly sculpin
YFG-30    yellowfin goby
ISS-31    inland silverside
STF-32    starry flounder
LAM-33    lampreys  
GAM-34    mosquitofish
YBH-35    yellow bullhead
SMB-36    smallmouth bass
SSC-39    staghorn sculpin
RSC-40    riffle sculpin
WCR-41    white crappie
YP-43     yellow perch
BLBH-44   black bullhead
SP-45     Sacramento perch
TC-46     tui chub
PBL-48    Pacific brook lamprey
RSF-49    redear sunfish
SSU-50    Sacramento sucker
FHM-51    fathead minnow
CR-52     California roach
SD-53     speckled dace
PKS-54    pumkinseed
BCF-55    blue catfish
CG-61     chameleon goby
WS-65     wakasagi