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The IEP conducts technical and programmatic reviews of the overall program and individual program elements to ensure continued relevance, scientific integrity and suitability, and compliance with legal requirements. These reviews are conducted by IEP staff with help from local and external experts. The IEP Science Advisory Group (SAG) is a standing panel of external experts that was established in the 1990s. IEP regularly calls on the SAG to review IEP elements and provide advice on scientific issues. In 2008, the CALFED Independent Science Board conducted an additional independent review of the IEP.
IEP Science Advisory Group (SAG)

Current Reviews:

Juvenile Salmon Survival Studies & Delta Juvenile Fishes Monitoring Program Review Meeting

The Interagency Ecological Program held a two-day review meeting of the Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program (DJFMP) by the IEP Science Advisory Group (SAG). This review was conducted to receive technical and scientific feedback to determine if the DJFMP is meeting present objectives, robust enough to answer future questions and effectively conducting research and monitoring while meeting key management needs. The meeting was in Sacramento on June 4th and 5th at 980 9th Street, 2nd floor conference room. The background report below, written by USFWS staff, summarizes the goals and objectives of the program and contains recommendations from previous reviews. It is intended to provide the necessary information to facilitate a comprehensive programmatic review of the DJFMP. The Science Advisory Group’s Review Report has also been posted below and a response to the SAG report is currently being developed by the USFWS and the IEP Management Team, intended to be submitted to the Directors by November 2013.  Other key publications and reports using DJFMP data can also be found in the reference list below

Previous Reviews: