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Year Class Strength - Data file Explained

 Juvenile White Sturgeon Setline Survey Data File

The juvenile white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) setline data file includes the catches
during 3 surveys, June-July 1991, August 1996 (partial Delta only, and Nov-Dec 1995.  This
survey targeted sublegal (<117 cm Total Length) with the goal of developing length
frequency distributions which could be used, in conjunction with age-length curves, to develop
relative estimates of year class strength.  The capture method was overnight sets of 350 m.
longlines with 75-120 baited hooks.  Hooks were 1/0 to 6/0 straight shank barb hooks.  Note
that this relatively light gear would not reliably hold larger sturgeon (>100 cm TL).

Data fields include Station descriptive location, station latitude and longitude (1991 plotted
from map locations; 1995 from GPS coordinates), average depth, approximate number of
hooks fished, and total fish length for all three surveys.  Both 1995 surveys also include
temperature and secchi transparency at time of longline setting.  The November-December
survey also includes a Fork Length measurement for most fish

Raymond Schaffter
California Department of Fish and Game