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  Descriptors in Format File

List of file names or naming convention(s):
     One file is maintained for each year.  The files follow the
     IEP format.

     The file names are MSLyyyy.DAT .  Where " yyyy " is the year.

Structure of each file (format/legend/header):
     All fish densities are given in number per 100 cubic meters.

     The structure of the file is:
     Variable  Max Width Description
      RKI           9    River Kilometer Index (always RSAC075).
      STATION       2    See "Discription of site location" below. 
      SAMPDATE      8    Sample date, YYYYMMDD (numeric).
      SAMPTIME      4    Sample time (numeric).
      DEPTH         5.1  Station depth, feet (numeric).
      TEMP_C        6.1  Temperature, deg C (numeric).
      SECCHI        6.2  Secchi disc reading, meters (numeric).
      TOW           4    C1 " indicates first tow in channel and
                         B2 " indicates second tow in bay etc. (character).
      GEAR          1.2  EL indicates egg and larval net and
                         TN indicates townet (character).
      DLTSMELT      9.2  Delta smelt (numeric).
      YFNGOBY       9.2  Yellowfin Goby  (numeric).
      AMSHAD        9.2  American Shad (numeric).
      STRBASS       9.2  Striped bass (numeric).
      STARFLND      9.2  Starry flounder (numeric).
      LFNSMELT      9.2  Longfin smelt (numeric).
      SHIMGOBY      9.2  Shimafuri goby  (numeric).
      TFNSHAD       9.2  Threadfin shad (numeric).
      LOGPERCH      9.2  Bigscale logperch  (numeric).       
      WAKASAGI      9.2  Wakasagi  (numeric).
      MUDSUCKR      9.2  Longjaw mudsucker  (numeric).
      PACHRNG       9.2  Pacific herring (numeric).
      PSCULP        9.2  Prickly sculpin  (numeric).
      CHINSALM      9.2  Chinook salmon (numeric).
      UNIDSMLT      9.2  Unidentified smelt (numeric).
      SPLTTAIL      9.2  Splittail  (numeric).
      SACSUCKR      9.2  Sacramento sucker (numeric).
      SLVRSIDE      9.2  Inland silverside  (numeric).
      STKLBACK      9.2  Three-spine stickleback (numeric).
      OTHCYPRN      9.2  Cyprinids other than splittail  (numeric).
      CENTRARC      9.2  Centrarchids  (numeric).
      JACKSMLT      9.2  Jacksmelt  (numeric).
      WHTSTRGN      9.2  White sturgeon (numeric).
      UNIDFISH      9.2  Unidentified fish (numeric).

 Description of site location:

     The intake channel leading to the Mallard Slough Pumping Plant is a man-
     made channel located due west of Mallard Slough and south of Chipps
     Island.  The channel length is approximately 0.5 mile and the width
     varies from 40 to 60 feet.  The depth between the mouth of the channel
     and the pumping plant ranges from 6 to 10 feet at high tide.  The
     entrance depth is about 3 to 4.5 feet.