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Resident Fishes Project Work Team

The primary goal of the PWT is to serve as an open forum for information exchange, discussion, synthesis, and exploring and recommending next steps in research and monitoring activities related to populations of resident fishes. 

We define resident fishes rather loosely to include fishes spending all or part of their life cycle as residents in the San Francisco Estuary.  This definition will exclude salmonids and sturgeons because there are already separate PWTs for these groups; however, we would encourage members of these PWTs to share their information with the Resident Fishes PWT as memberships are unlikely to overlap completely. 

We intend that the Resident Fishes PWT will provide a forum that will provide continuity with regard to important topics in fish biology and ecology, including physiology, predator-prey relationships, population-community dynamics, genetics, energetics, and others. 

We anticipate minimizing overlap with the EET PWT by maintaining communication  with EET PWT Chair Wim Kimmerer and making collective decisions about which PWT would be most appropriate for particular topics/presentations.  Similarly, we will collaborate with other PWTs, such as the Contaminants and Biotelemetry PWTs, to maximize information transfer, while minimizing overlap.  

Within the Resident Fishes PWT, we anticipate forming separate sub-PWTs (i.e., subcommittees) for special topics/projects. 

Contact Information:

Larry Brown, USGS

Randy Baxter, CDFW