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Fish Links:

A) Juvenile Monitoring Projects homepages:


Red Bluff FWO

Mainstem Juvenile Monitoring @ RBDD :

Battle Creek Juvenile Monitoring

Clear Creek Juvenile Monitoring:

Stockton FWO

Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program:

SP Cramer:

Stanislaus Monitoring (RSTs at Oakdale and Caswell):

Tuolumne River (RSTs at Waterford and Grayson, seining):

Calaveras River (RST at Shelton Road and PIT tag monitoring)


B) On-line Reports

1) Juvenile Monitoring

Mainstem Juvenile Monitoring @ RBDD :

STFWO Delta Fish Monitoring:

SP Cramer- See project homepages above.

Delta Fish Facilities Winter Run Chinook Incidental Take Data Report:


2) On-line report archives

Historical reports:

FWS Electronic Journal Archive link:

San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science online journal:

C) Juvenile monitoring projects raw data (RD) and data summaries (DS):

Mainstem Juvenile Monitoring @ RBDD:


(RD): (STFWO data available too)


D) Database(s)

IEP/Bay Delta and Tributaries Database (IEP/DWR):


Natural Resources Information Management Program (ODFW-searchable databases):

CDFG Salvage Database:


E) Coded wire tag information:

Juvenile CWT Recovery Information (USFWS):

Pacific Salmon Commission CWT Panel findings

Agency Responses to the PSC CWT expert panel:

State of Alaska Fish and Game Mark, Tag, and Age laboratory:

Regional Mark Processing Center:


F) Environmental Data:

1) River flow data:

Current River Conditions (DWR):

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (NOAA):

Real-Time Data for CA Streamflow (USGS):

Delta Outflow Computations (BOR):


2) Water Storage and release information:

Reservoir Data / Reports (DWR):

Central Valley Operations (BOR):

State water project Operations (DWR):


3) Precipitation data:

Real-time precipitation Stations (DWR):

Rainfall Maps from DWR/CNRFC (DWR):


4) Weather/ Forecasts

Weather forecasts and summaries (DWR):

National Weather Service-Sacramento, CA (NOAA):

Oregon State Weather Information:

Current Western Hemisphere IR image:

National Climatic Data Center (NOAA):

Satellite Imagery (NOAA):


G) Fish ID (Fish Keys, taxonomy etc):

Johnson C. S. Wang – Fishes of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Estuary and Adjacent Waters, California: A Guide to the Early Life Histories (Berkeley Digital Library):

Master Index of Freshwater Fishes:

FishBase :

A List of Freshwater, Anadromous, and Euryhaline Fishes of California (Moyle and Davis 2000):

USDA Integrated Taxonomic Information System:

H) IT Resources:

MS Office how-to articles

“The Spreadsheet Page”:

Sigmaplot/SPSS Example(s) page:

I) Fishery Biology Miscellaneous Links:

Bay-Delta’s List (DFG):

Virginia Institute of Marine Science:

Directory of Fisheries, Aquaculture and related sites:

U of Wash. Fisheries/Oceanography Library:

Northwest and Alaska Fisheries Science Centers Library:

USDA Seafood and Ichthyology Resources:

USGS Fishery resources:

NMFS Southwest Regional office homepage:

UNFAO Fisheries:

AFS Links:

EG Solutions (RST equipment):

Pacific Salmon Commission:

Alaska Fish and Game (Publications etc):

Google Translate to and from different languages:

Anadromous Fish Restoration Program -

J) CALFED/CBDA related links:

2000 Science conference (abstracts, session notes etc.):

CBDA Email subscriptions:

CBDA Homepage:

CBDA Water Related link:

I) Work Groups links:

Stanislaus River Fish Group -

Calaveras River Fish Group -

Tuolumne River Technical Advisory Committee -


IEP Central Valley Salmonid PWT List:


Contact Information:
Bill Poytress, USFWS
Phone: (530) 527-3043 x225