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Flow Alteration (FLoAT)
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Flow Alteration (FLoAT)

The main objectives of the Flow Alteration (FLoAT) Project Work Team expectations is to facilitate strong study design, data collection, data quality, data analysis, and communication with regard to flow alterations being considered by management agencies to improved conditions for Delta Smelt. Several specific objectives are:

  • Develop detailed research hypotheses in the context of a conceptual model(s) regarding effects of flow augmentation of the Sacramento River or Yolo Bypass on physical and biological processes that might affect the abundance or condition of Delta Smelt.
  • Provide guidance on the design of a monitoring program to collect data to understand the actual effects of flow augmentation on the Delta ecosystem.
  • Conduct analyses of collected data to test hypotheses and report those results to others.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information among members of the PWT and others.


Contact Information:

Larry Brown, USGS
Phone: (916) 278-3098


Andrew Schultz, USBR
Phone: (916) 414-2415