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Division of Flood Management

Civil engineers in the Department of Water Resources’ Division of Flood Management (DFM) have a critical role in ensuring public safety. Flood Management engineers inspect levees and channels, perform hydraulic and hydrologic analyses, and manage the maintenance and rehabilitation of California’s flood control system. They also forecast high water and snow melt runoff, evaluate flood risks, and direct flood fights and recovery. In addition, DFM engineers work with other state, federal, and local agencies, as well as academia, to study climate and hydrology. They help administer innovative programs to enhance the understanding of California’s hydrology and to minimize California’s flood risk.

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Division of Engineering

The Division of Engineering utilizes a wide variety of disciplines to accomplish it's mission. These disciplines include civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, engineering geologists, architects, land surveyors, land agents, construction and fabrication inspectors, specification writers, cost estimators, schedulers, claims specialists, and drafting technicians. In addition, we employ numerous support staff in the fields of information technology, budget, personnel transactions, and office support. Current openings are listed in the Department of Water Resources Job Opportunity Bulletin.

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Electrical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Equipment and Materials

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Engineering Geology

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Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Branch
  • Geotechnical and Structures Branch
  • Delta Engineering Branch

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Division of Environmental Services

The Division of Environmental Services coordinates the increasingly complex environmental mitigation, documentation, monitoring and reporting responsibilities needed to operate and complete the State Water Project and support the implementation of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program.

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