Human Resources Office
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What steps are required to get a job with DWR?

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Q: After the On-line examination is completed how do I learn about the results?

The system is set up to provide instant scoring and candidates will immediately receive an online result notice.

Q: What is an eligibility list?

An eligible list consists of applicants who have passed all parts of the examination and can be considered for employment, based on their score. Generally the top three ranks (highest scores) are considered employable and contacted first.

Q: How long will I remain on the eligibility list?

A minimum of 12 months.

Q: How can I obtain a job application or examination application?

You may obtain an application at any State Agency or online at

Q: Is a separate application required for each position applied for?

Yes, a separate application must be submitted to the contact person listed on the announcement.

Q: Can I apply for multiple jobs at the same time?

Yes, a separate application must be submitted for each vacancy.

Q: I have recently moved, how can I change my phone number and address?

You may send us a written request to change your phone number and address.

Q: I am not interested in the current available career opportunities. Can I apply for future openings?


Q: Do you accept applications when there are no job openings?