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Groundwater Management Plans and Groundwater Sustainability Plans

Since the early 1990's more than 125 Groundwater Management Plans (GWMP) have been developed, implemented, and updated. Prior to AB 359, GWMPs were not required to be submitted to DWR. AB 359 placed new requirements on agencies concerning the submittal of GWMP documents and on DWR to provide public access to this information. GWMPs may be developed in very low- or low-priority basins as they are not subject to SGMA.

Beginning January 1, 2015 no GWMPs can be adopted in medium- and high-priority basins in accordance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Existing GWMPs will be in effect until Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) are adopted in medium- and high-priority basins.

For additional information on SGMA, please visit the Sustainable Groundwater Management Program website.

Assembly Bill 359 requirements - Effective 1/1/2013
Groundwater Management Plan Types
Groundwater Management Plan Information (Organized by Hydrologic Region)

Below is a list of agencies that submitted GWMPs to DWR. Each GWMP has been assigned a unique label based on the Hydrologic Region (HR) where the groundwater management area is located to assist in locating specific plan areas on the provided maps.

If information is incorrect or missing information, please notify the appropriate DWR Region Office for assistance. Please submit new or updated GWMPs, resolutions, contact information, etc. to the nearest DWR Region Office.

Note: Many of the downloadable files in lists below can be large files (>25Mb). Please contact the agency directly if file size is an issue or additional information is required.

North Coast HR Plan Information
San Francisco Bay HR Plan Information
Central Coast HR Plan Information
South Coast HR Plan Information
Sacramento River HR Plan Information
San Joaquin River HR Plan Information
Tulare Lake HR Plan Information
North Lahontan HR Plan Information
South Lahontan HR Plan Information
Colorado River HR Plan Information