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Groundwater Basics

This 'Groundwater Basics' section is intended for the general public, non-technical readers, teachers and students for an easy understanding of the basics of groundwater. For additional general groundwater information, see Chapter 6 of DWR's Bulletin 118 California's Groundwater Update 2003.

Hydrologic Cycle

Groundwater is a component of the hydrologic cycle. In simple terms, water or one of its forms-water vapor and ice-can be found at the earth's surface, in the atmosphere, or beneath the earth's surface. The hydrologic cycle has no beginning or ending location; however, it is often thought of as beginning in the oceans.
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Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction

Groundwater and surface water are essentially one resource, physically connected by the hydrologic cycle. Although water law and water policy often consider groundwater and surface water as separate resources, groundwater and surface water are functionally inter-dependent. Groundwater and surface water interactions are controlled by their hydraulic connection.
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Water Facts and Other Publications

Water Facts are short reports on water resources issues of general interest. They are published periodically by the Department of Water Resources and can be obtained free by contacting DWR Bulletins & Reports, P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236- 0001; 916/653-1097. >> For More Information...

Glossary of Groundwater Terms

Common terms that are used in conjunction with groundwater can be accessed by clicking here.