CASGEM Documents and Outreach Materials

Reports to Legislature and Governor

CASGEM Status Report to the Legislature and the Governor (February 2012)
Posted on 02/29/2012
DWR has completed the 2012 CASGEM Status Report, prepared for the Governor and the Legislature as required by the Water Code (§10920 et seq.). The report outlines the background of the CASGEM Program and describes the first two years of implementation. This report is the first in a series of periodic reports on the CASGEM Program that DWR will provide to the Governor and the Legislature. Subsequent reports will be provided every five years beginning in 2015.

CASGEM Online System Public Users Guide

CASGEM Online System Public Users Guide
Dated 11/21/2011 (PDF 10.4 MB)


CASGEM Monitoring Plan

CASGEM Monitoring Plan Summary
Posted on 05/04/2011 (PDF 46.6KB)


Program Guidelines

Two documents are now available to provide additional information on the CASGEM program to the public and to help local entities who are interested in becoming CASGEM Monitoring Entities:

Final Procedures for Monitoring Entity Reporting (December 2010)
This document summarizes the requirements of the law, explains how monitoring entities are established, and describes how data will be submitted on-line to DWR... download

Final Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Guidelines (December 2010)
This document describes the groundwater monitoring procedures that DWR will use if no local entity volunteers to perform CASGEM monitoring and DWR is required to conduct monitoring. These Guidelines are not binding on local entities monitoring a basin, but can provide guidance to local entities considering whether they wish to assume groundwater monitoring functions and may be helpful to determine what to include in the monitoring plans required by the law. Each basin is unique, and DWR will work with the designated Monitoring Entities to determine the appropriate plan for each basin... download

Addendum – Use of public supply wells for CASGEM monitoring (October 2014)
This addendum to the December 2010 Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Guidelines adds public supply wells as potential CASGEM monitoring wells, and describes the requirements for Monitoring Entities to utilize them in their CASGEM monitoring networks... download

Outreach Materials

Why Is CASGEM Important?

Why Is CASGEM Important?
Posted: 08/04/2010 (PDF 0.9MB)
This brochure provides information about why is CASGEM important for management of California's groundwater.

What Is My Role as a Well Owner?

What Is My Role as a Well Owner?
Posted: 08/04/2010 (PDF 1MB)
This brochure describes a role of a land owner related to the CASGEM program.


Posted: 08/04/2010 (PDF 0.8MB)
This brochure provides information about the CASGEM and describes how the CASGEM works. The contact information and the timeline for the program are included in the brochure.

What Is a Monitoring Entity?

What Is a Monitoring Entity?
Posted: 08/04/2010 (PDF 1MB)
This brochure answers questions related to CASGEM Monitoring Entities.

SBX7 6 Workshops Brochure

SBX7 6 Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program Workshops
Posted: 07/07/2010 (PDF 2MB)
ACWA and the Department of Water Resources(DWR) invite you to an interactive workshop to discuss the draft SBX7 6 Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program guidelines. The brochure include registration form and the information about the workshops.

SBX7 6 Flier

California Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (SBX7 6) Flier
Posted: 05/11/2010 (PDF 0.6MB)
The SBX7 6 flier provides the background for California Groundwater Elevation Monitoring, gives an overview of SBX7 6, states two major deadlines for the program, and lists frequently asked questions.