CASGEM Public Comments

In November 2010, DWR released two documents, Draft CASGEM Procedures for Monitoring Entity Reporting and Draft DWR Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Guidelines, for public comment. These two documents have been developed to provide additional information on the CASGEM program to the public and to help local entities who are interested in becoming CASGEM Monitoring Entities. DWR received 36 comments on the draft CASGEM documents, which are posted below.

Contact Name
Association of California Water Agencies David Orth, Danielle Blacet PDF (132KB)
City of San Diego George J. Adrian PDF (212KB)
Coachella Valley Water District Ivory Reyburn PDF (32.8KB)
Colusa County Stephen Hackney PDF (74.1KB)
Diablo Water District Paul Urenda PDF (227KB)
GEI Consultants Richard Shatz PDF (274KB)
Groundwater Resources Association William Pipes PDF (2.45MB)
Individual Teresa Jordan PDF (1.34MB)
Individual David Webb PDF (49.1KB)
Individual Joyce Dillard PDF (67.6KB)
Individual Pam Nelson PDF (45.2KB)
Individual Glen Pearson PDF (180KB)
Inyo County Water Dept Bob Harrington PDF (34.4KB)
Inyo County Water Dept (addendum) Bob Harrington PDF (26.2KB)
Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District Larry Dotson PDF (71.8KB)
Kern County Water Agency Lauren Bauer PDF (66.1KB)
Luhdorff & Scalmanini, Consulting Engineers Vicki Kretsinger Grabert, Till Angermann, Will Halligan PDF (3.64MB)
Mojave Water Agency Lance Eckhart PDF (3.48MB)
Mono County Stacey Simon PDF (215KB)
Nature Conservancy Maurice Hall PDF (904KB)
Sacramento Groundwater Authority Robert J. Swartz PDF (130KB)
San Diego County Water Authority Toby Roy PDF (51.7KB)
San Luis Obispo County Sylas S. Cranor PDF (73.4KB)
Santa Barbara County Matt Naftaly PDF (168KB)
Santa Clara Valley WD Behzad Ahmadi PDF (577KB)
Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Services Mike Cloud PDF (31.4KB)
Sebastopol Water Information Group Jane Nielson PDF (61.1KB)
Shasta County Water Agency Eric Wedemeyer PDF (129KB)
Sonoma Co Water Agency Marcus Trotta, Jay Jasperse PDF (95.0KB)
Sonoma County DeWayne Starnes PDF (56.1KB)
South Tahoe Public Utility District Ivo Bergsohn PDF (74.5KB)
Tulare Irrigation District Paul Hendrix PDF (1.10MB)
University of California Groundwater Cooperative Extension Program Thomas Harter PDF (142KB)
Vista ID Don A. Smith PDF (39.0KB)
Water Replenishment District of Southern Californai Robb Whitaker PDF (799KB)
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Max Stevenson PDF (178KB)