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Bulletin 118

California's Groundwater Published

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has long recognized the need for collection, summary, and evaluation of groundwater data as tools in planning optimal use of the groundwater resource. An example of this is DWR's Bulletin 118 series. Bulletin 118 presents the results of groundwater basin evaluations in California.

The following topics are discussed in this Bulletin 118 section.

The long-awaited update to California's Groundwater, Bulletin 118 was released to the public in early October 2003. Bulletin 118 - Update 2003 is the first comprehensive report on groundwater since 1980 when Bulletin 118-80 was published.

Online technical descriptions and GIS compatible maps of 515 groundwater basins and subbasins were part of the effort to publish the bulletin. The basin/subbasin descriptions include information about the geology, groundwater quantity and quality, and current groundwater management practices in the basins.

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In addition to the statewide Bulletin 118 series, there are several other publications in the 118 series that evaluate groundwater basins in specific areas of the State. The list of Bulletin 118 publications, statewide and region-specific, can be accessed by clicking here.