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HEC-RAS Hydraulic Engineering Center-River Analysis System) is being used as a regional hydraulic model. This model will not only be utilized by the North Delta Improvements Project but also by Sacramento County, SAFCA, and will be maintained and used on future projects. The model was developed, calibrated, and verified by MBK Engineers. A group of engineers and scientists served as a peer review panel for the North Delta HEC-RAS model. The final peer review report (PDF: 189KB) was completed in March, 2003. The panel's overall opinion is that the HEC-RAS model is appropriate for the application to the North Delta and that a proper level of care and good engineering judgment has been used in the application.


The MIKE11 model is a proprietary model which is being used to refine alternatives design, to model low flow events, and to address the role of sediment dynamics in alternatives design. This model is being developed by UC Davis and has been calibrated. Model results will be posted when they become available.

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