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Initial Technical Framework (ITF) Papers

The purpose of the Delta Risk Management Strategy (DRMS) Initial Technical Framework (ITF) papers found on this web site is as a preliminary guide to the analysis of specified topics as they relate to assessing potential risks to Delta levees and assets caused by various impacts (i.e., floods, earthquakes, subsidence, and climate change). These ITFs are considered "starting points" for the work that is to proceed on each topic. It is anticipated that refinements and changes are likely to occur as the work progresses.

In general, these ITFs contain the following: background information, including the purpose and objectives; a statement of the scope of the problem being addressed; a description of the probabilistic method; a description of the physical setting and assumptions; the engineering and/or scientific models that will be used; data and information requirements needed to complete the analysis; the anticipated tasks and work products; the planned schedule; and references.

Public comment on these papers is being sought to ensure all the key technical issues are addressed, and that the methodologies described in the papers reflect state-of-the-art practices. Input is sought specifically on two key questions:

  • Do you see any major shortcomings in the methodologies outlined in the ITFs that need to be addressed?
  • Are you aware of additional information related to these topics that could be of assistance in conducting the proposed studies?

Due to the serious time constraints placed on the contractor to complete the DRMS effort any comments are requested to be received no later than Friday, September 29, 2006. Address all comments to Ralph Svetich, DWR, DRMS Project Manager, at

Final ITF Papers