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Delta Knowledge Improvement Program (DKIP)


The Delta Risk Management Strategy Project (DRMS) analyzed the risks and consequences of levee failure in the Delta Region. The risk analysis was conducted using available information, with little to no effort spent on the collection of new data or evaluation of the quality of existing information. During the course of the DRMS project, a number of information gaps or information quality issues were identified for future consideration.

The Delta Knowledge Improvement Program (DKIP) is the vehicle that is currently in place to actively fund specific studies to fill the data gaps identified in the DRMS project. The data gaps and information needs fall under the following categories: Delta Levees, Hazards, Delta Environment and Landscape, Hydrodynamics and Water Operations, Water Quality, Delta Assets & Infrastructure, and Delta Ecosystem.

The DKIP consists of contract services for completing follow-up studies and investigations necessary to supplement existing data gaps. It is intended that the studies and investigations funded could better characterize the risks and consequences of levee failure in the Delta Region. Information developed by DKIP is essential for guiding Delta-wide efforts to meet FloodSAFE goals: reducing the chance and consequences of flooding, protection and enhancement of ecosystems, promotion of sustainability and sustaining economic growth.

Current projects are designated ~in progress~

Additional information is available for the following projects listed below.


photo of creek

This project will analyze the data from the historic water level data records collected at gauges located throughout the Delta.

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This project completed a Delta-wide assessment of the levee system in accordance with a request from the Delta Stewardship Council. A copy of the data is available at the DSC website

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South Delta Bathymetry   ~in progress~

The Delta Knowledge Improvement Program provided funding to conduct underwater bathymetric surveys of certain South Delta Channels and Canals.

Geodetic Survey   - Complete

This project re-observed the network (125 stations) to the National Geodetic Survey standard. Performed leveling surveys from network benchmarks to reference benchmarks at approximately 60 tide gage stations in the Delta and Suisun Marsh.

Methyl Mercury Study   ~in progress~
This project monitors mercury and methyl mercury over a 5 year period at the Mayberry Wetland project on Twitchell Island.

Photogrammetry   - Complete
This project modernized the historic 1975 Aerial film coverage of the Delta.

A research project at the existing Twitchell Island wetland site to model the green house gas fluxes in wetlands on peat soils and other studies.

A research project to determine whether growing rice is economically feasible in the Delta, reverses subsidence, and whether it can be grown without deleterious effects to the environment.