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The California Department of Water Resources (DWR)'s draft policy document, FloodSAFE, A Framework for Department of Water Resources Integrated Flood Management Investments in the Delta and Suisun Marsh (Framework) (5.1 MB, PDF), is currently being circulated for a public comment period, which ends November 24, 2013. This document provides guidance for DWR's investments in integrated flood management in the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta and portions of Suisun Marsh. For information on how to review and comment, please refer to the Announcement for Public Release of the Framework (PDF, 65 KB).

The BRM provides information about the State interests in the Delta, a history of the levee system, and a brief discussion of programs that are available to support flood management on Delta islands. The BRM contains information which the Department and others may consider in making judgments about granting public funds to local public agencies for maintenance, repair, or improvement of the levees that protect Delta islands and the assets of statewide interest located on them. Questions regarding the BRM may be directed to David Mraz, Chief, Delta Levees & Environmental Engineering Branch, Department of Water Resources, at (916) 834-4697, or email

The link above offers a .pdf document of a Delta regional map that can be printed on large format plotters. The map includes a lot of base information such as roads, counties, major landmarks, and boundaries of the legal Delta and area reclamation districts.

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