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Flood Management

Flood Management

3310 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 219000
Sacramento, CA 95821-9000

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  • Division of
    Flood Management

      Keith Swanson, Division Chief


  • Central Valley
    Flood Planning

      Michael Mierzwa, Office Chief

      Technical Evaluations Branch Chief

      Amy Bindra

      Flood Planning Branch Chief

      Mary Jimenez

  • Flood

      Vacant, Office Chief

      Maintenance Support Branch Chief

      Mark List

      Sacramento Maintenance Yard Chief

      Russell Eckman

      Flood System Sustainability Branch Chief

      Dave Wheeldon

      Sutter Maintenance Yard Chief

      Joel Farias

      Maintenance Environmental Support Branch Chief

      Scott Deal

  • Flood

      Eric Koch, Chief

      Project Finance Management Branch Chief

      Robert Crane

      Flood Risk Reduction Projects Branch Chief

      Michael Sabbaghian

      Technical Support Branch Chief

      G. Steve Mahnke

  • Hydrology &
    Flood Operations

      Jon Ericson, Office Chief

      Flood Operations Branch Chief

      John Paasch

      Flood Project Inspection &
      Integrity Branch Chief

      Donald Rasmussen

      Hydrology Branch Chief

      Sudhakar Talanki

  • Yolo Bypass

      Jeremy Arrich, Office Chief

      Project Management Branch Chief

      Darren Suen

      Engineering Branch Chief

      Joseph Bartlett