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The Central Valley is home to more than 1,600 miles of State-Federal levees. In many areas protected by this levee system, the risk of flooding is greater than the risk of fire.

Consider these facts:
Since 1950, flood disasters have been declared in every California county at least ten times, with some counties having as many as 29 state and federal disaster declarations.
Since 1983, Central Valley State-Federal project levees have been breached and overtopped more than 70 times.
Local, State and Federal agencies are continuing to improve the State-Federal project levee system. But, there will always be some flood risk.
Just one foot of flood water can cause more than $54,000 in damages to a $150,000 single-family home and its contents in the Central Valley; three feet of flooding could cause more than $93,000 in damages.

Reduce your flood risk by being aware and being prepared. Use this site to increase your flood risk awareness and learn practical, easy ways to protect you and your property from costly flood damages. Start by viewing this video to learn more about flood risk and efforts to reduce it in California's Central Valley:

Be PreparedBuy Flood InsurancePrevent ProblemsProtect Your Property